About us

Stella Viridi is a whole esoteric portal project.

After our shop Stella Viridi, The esoteric library opens here on stellaviridi.info

On this website, you will find:

  • General information about esoterism. Radionics, Radiesthesia, Geobiology, Dynamisation, Exorcism. Other disciplines will be covered in the future.
  • The events calendar about our esoteric courses organized by Stella Viridi practitioners. For now, we only provide french courses. We may provide english courses by 2016.
  • Testimonies
  • Stories about esoteric experiences

This esoteric library is being translated as fast as we can, meanwhile you can still give a try to an automatic translation of the french version. You can also contact us, we would be pleased to answer your questions.

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You may proceed further to learn more about us : Stella Viridi, Who are you ?

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